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1. Names:

Sanskrit: Karshaphala, Kalivriksha  
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English: Beleric Myrobalan, Hela  
Botanical: Terminalia belerica  
Hindi: Bahera  
Telugu: Thani, Ahera  
Common names: Beleric Myrobalan, Bibhitaki, Bhaira, Bahira, Bilhitak, Bahera, Vibhidhaka, Bahedamunjhad  
Family name: Combretaceae  

2. Parts used:

  • Fruit

3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:

  • Rasa: It contains all 5 tastes except salt.
  • Vipaka: Sweet.
  • Veerya: Ushna.

4. Uses:

  • This is one of the triphala.
  • It is good for vision and hair. It also cures the problem related to eyes.
  • Good for asthma and bronchitis.
  • It clears ama dosha.
  • In Unani this is used as medicine for brain and stomach.
  • It is a good medicine for throat inflammations.
  • It also cures the problems related to eyes, nose and heart.
  • Externally it is antiseptic and good lotion for swellings due to pitta.
  • It is Anthelmintic,.antiseptic, astringent, expectorant, laxative, lithotriptic, rejuvenate

5. Names due to Physical properties:

  • Tila pushapakaha: The flower of this plant similar to sesame flowers.
  • Karsha phala: It precipitates the impurities in water.

6. Names due to Medical properties:

  • Vishagnaha: Removes poison.
  • Anilaghnaka: Balances Vata.

7. Reference:

Vasthu guna deepika, Vasthu guna prakashika, Chakradatta, Susrutam, Basavarajeezam, Bhavaprakashika, Vangacena, Charakasamhita, Vagvatamu, Hareetasamhita, Srijanakalpavalli.

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