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1. Names:

Sanskrit: Simhadanti  
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English: Dandelion  
Botanical: Taraxacum officinalis  
Hindi: Dudal, Kanphul  
Telugu: Simhadanti  
Common names: Blowball, cankerwort, lion's tooth, priest's crown, puffball, swine snout, white endive, wild endive, dandelion, Diente de leon, Pu gong ying  
Family name: Compositae  

2. Parts used:

  • Root
  • Leaves

Alkaloids: The chief constituents of Dandelion root are Taraxacin, acrystalline Vitamins A and C moderate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C, various B vitamins, iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. The leaves are a rich source of potassiums.

3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:

  • Rasa: Bitter.
  • Vipaka: Bitter.

4. Uses:

  • Good remedy for kidney and liver disorders.
  • Stimulates digestion.
  • It is a mild laxative, hepatic, aperient, diuretic, depurative, tonic and stomachic by nature.
  • Balances and bile production in the gallbladder and bile flow from the liver.
  • Supports liver function which is disturbed due to over alcoholism or poor diet.
  • It is blood purifier.
  • Induces metabolism in the body.
  • Good blood purifier hence also helps in the cases of eczema and cancer.
  • It relives constipation.
  • Enhances the formation of bile.
  • It removes excess water from body.
  • Removes toxins and poisons from the body.
  • It acts a good remedy for Jaundice because it increases the flow of urine in patients with liver problems.
  • It also cures skin diseases, scurvy, scrofula, and eczema.
  • Useful in all kinds of kidney troubles, diabetes, dropsy, inflammation of the bowels.
  • Good remedy for fever.
  • It induces production of mother's milk.

5. Names due to Physical properties:

  • Simhadanti: The leaves like teeth of lion.
  • Kanaka pushpi: Plant with yellow colored flowers.
  • Ksheera dari:The plant with milky sap.

6. Names due to Medical properties:

  • Vishamardhini: Detoxificant.

7. Reference:

Vasthu guna deepika, Vasthu guna prakashika, Chakradatta, Susrutam, Basabarajeezam, Bhavaprakashika, Vangacena, Charakasamhita, Vagvatamu, Hareetasamhita, Srijanakalpavalli.

8. Caution:

The milky sap of fresh Dandelion may cause allergy in some persons. The person, who has obstruction in bile ducts [like gallstones] has to take the Dandelion very carefully.

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