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1. Names:

Sanskrit: Kushtha  
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English: Costus  
Botanical: Saussurea lappa  
Hindi: Koost  
Telugu: Kostu  
Common names: Cengalva kostu
Family name: Asteraceae  

2. Parts used:

  • Root

Alkaloids: Resinoids, inulin, tannins and sugars.

3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:

  • Rasa: Spice and bitter.
  • Vipak: Spice.
  • Veerya: Ushna veerya.

4. Uses:

  • Good remedy for bronchial asthma, liver problems, jaundice, rheumatism and skin diseases.
  • It relives gall bladder pain, cholera, cough, dyspepsia and edema.
  • It controls gas, hiccup, jaundice, constipation and leprosy.
  • It removes Phlegm.
  • Heals wounds, severe ulcerations, skin diseases, and tumors.
  • It eases blockage and irregular menses.
  • Anodyne, antibacterial, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative by nature.

5. Names due to Physical properties:

  • Surabhi: The plant with good smell.

6. Names due to Medical properties:

  • Prakasini: Adds brightness to skin.

7. Reference:

Vasthu guna deepika, Vasthu guna prakashika, Chakradatta, Susrutam, Basabarajeezam, Bhavaprakashika, Vangacena, Charakasamhita, Vagvatamu, Hareetasamhita, Srijanakalpavalli.

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