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1. Names:

Sanskrit: Pancangulah  
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English: Castor Oil Plant  
Botanical: Ricinus communis, Ricinus dicoccus  
Hindi: Erandi  
Telugu: Aamudam  
Common names: Castor Oil Plant, Eranda, Vatari, Rendi, Bofareira, castor-oil plant, Mexico seed, oil plant, palma Christi, Amanakkam-chedi, Amanakku, Amidamu, Amudam, Arand, Aranda, Audla, Avanakku, Ayrunkukri, Bedanjir, Bherenda, Chittavanakku, Chittamanakku, Chittmani, Diveli, Endaru, Endi, Eramudapu, Erand, Erendi, Erandthailam, Eri, Gandharva Haralu, hasthah, Gemeiner Wunderbaum, Heran, Kesusi, Khirva, Miniak-jarah, Panchangulam, Ricin, Ricinus, Sadabherenda, Verenda
Family name: Euphorbiaceae  

2. Parts used:

  • Oil
  • Leaves
  • Roots
  • Seeds
  • Fruit

3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:

  • Rasa: Bitter and mild sweet.
  • Veerya: Ushna veerya.

4. Uses:

  • This is a good purgative for children.
  • It is a good medicine for acute constipation, intestinal inflammation.
  • This is known as "king of the purgatives" in Ayurveda.
  • It smoothens mucous.
  • It reduces pain.
  • It is anti viral in nature.
  • It cures abdominal disorders, colic, enlarged liver and spleen.
  • It is a good remedy for fever, headache, lumbago, nervous diseases.
  • It promotes menstrual discharge.
  • Enhances milk production.
  • Cures rheumatism, sciatica.
  • The powder of leaves used as remedy for inflammatory skin disorders, cracked skin and fissures and burning sensation in the soles of the feet can be healed by using oils.
  • It cures boils, carbuncles, abscesses, inflammation ear and migraine.

5. Names due to Physical properties:

  • Hastapatra: The leaves are in palm shape.

6. Names due to Medical properties:

  • Vataghni: Balances dosha.

7. Reference:

Vasthu guna deepika, Vasthu guna prakashika, Chakradatta, Susrutam, Basabarajeezam, Bhavaprakashika, Vangacena, Charakasamhita, Vagvatamu, Hareetasamhita, Srijanakalpavalli.

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