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1. Names:

Sanskrit: Vaboula, Babbula  
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English: Indian gum arabic  
Botanical: Acacia nilotica (Linn.), Willd. ex Delile, subsp. indica (Benth.), Brenan  
Hindi: Babula, Babla, Babur  
Telugu: Nallatumma  
Common names: Torua kadam, Babla, Babul gachh; Kalo bavala, Babula gonda (gum), Kikra-gond; Babula, Babla, Babur, Kikar;: Karijali; Konkan: Babulzhadd,Babula; Karuvelum, Karuvel, Karuveylam; Babhul(a), Bablicha-jhada, Babhula; Baburi; Punjabi: Kikkar, Sak; Abha, Barbura, Kinkerata, Yugmakanta, Dridaaruha, Sookshmapatra, Peetapushpa, Kashaaya, Maalaphala;
Family name: Leguminosae, Mimosaceae  

2. Parts used:

  • Flower
  • Pod
  • Leaf

3. Properties and Action According to Indigenous Medical Systems:

  • Rasa: Astringent.
  • Veerya: Ushnaveerya.
  • Vipak: Spicy.

4. Uses:

  • Balances raktapitta doshas.
  • Joins bones.
  • Balances vata, pitta and kapha doshas.
  • Good remedy for hair fall, earache, syphilis, cholera, dysentery, leprosy and rinderpest.
  • The bark is cooling, astringent, demulcent, anthelmintic, cures skin diseases.
  • It prevents bleeding piles, urinary and vaginal discharges and useful in diabetes.
  • Useful for asthma and bronchitis.
  • The decoction of this plant cures leucorrhoea.
  • Gum is useful for sore throat.
  • The combination with calotropis cures asthma.
  • Leaf has good affect on bruised infection and itch.
  • Floral parts of this plant may solves the problems related to impotence and urino-genital disorders.
  • The bark is used as decoction for gargle in spongy gums, sore throat, stomatitis, chronic dysentery, diarrhea.
  • It also cleanses haemorrhagic ulcers and wounds.
  • Solves problems related to diarrhoea and dysentery.
  • It also prevents spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions and leucorrhoea.
  • The leaf sap of tender leaves a good remedy for conjunctivitis.
  • Paste of this plant is used as reliever in hot inflammations.

5. Names due to Physical properties:

  • Peeta pushpi: The plant with yellow coloured flowers.
  • Mala phala: The plant which posses garland like fruits.

6. Names due to Medical properties:

  • Kaphaantaka: Which clears Kapha.

7. Reference:

Lolamba rajeeyam, Vasthu guna deepika, Vasthu guna prakashika, Chakradatta, Susrutam, Basabarajeezam, Bhavaprakashika, Vangacena, Charakasamhita, Vagvatamu, Hareetasamhita, Srijanakalpavalli.

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